Choosing the Right Class

STYLES OF DANCE & CLASS SELECTION                           
Midwest Dance Mechanix offers classes in a wide range of dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, modern and musical theatre.  In all styles, we focus on musicality and stage presence, but most importantly, proper dance technique.  While choosing the style of dance is sometimes a daunting task, looking at each students goal in training often helps us in giving advice on the training they'll need.  CLICK HERE for a brief description of some of the styles of dance taught at Midwest Dance Mechanix, noting that there are prerequisites for some classes.


Our Creative Movement program is designed for children ages 3 - 5 and alternates weekly between ballet and tap. Alternating styles weekly gives dancers a strong foundation in a variety of styles, but is also more efficient than changing shoes midway through class. The focus of the Creative Movement curriculum is introducing various fundamentals of dance within a creative and fun atmosphere. Within our Creative Movement program, there are 3 varying levels that allow for growth in skill level in these early years of dance education and training.


Note that statistics show that creativity at 5 years old is 90% but has dropped to 10% by the age of 7. This knowledge is key in how we design our curriculum, along with how we communicate and work with this age. The pre-school and kindergarten years are a wonderful chance to develop that creative potential!


Our Mini and Junior age division is designed for children ages 6 - 10 and focuses on a progressive class curriculum that focuses on developing and mastering the following skills:

  • Correct Terminology (including French when applicable) of the steps taught.

  • A strong foundation of the general dance steps and terminology within a set class level curriculum.

  • Use of patterns and formations through repetition of steps, the structure of the class and through body/spacial awareness

  • Creative time focusing on dancing a story or mimicking an animal to incorporate the imaginative process into the dance performance.

  • Ear training to recognize instruments, major/minor sounds, and to find rhythm and beats.

  • Creating camps to foster a love of dance through childhood themes (i.e. Princess, etc.)

  • Create early memorization skills through repetition of movement and structured learning.  


Within our Mini & Junior division, there 3-4 varying levels of classes that allow for growth in skill levels for dancers in these age categories.


Our Pre-Teen, Teen & Senior age division is designed for students ages 11 - 18 and continues to build on the core skills learned in earlier age levels, but with an increased focus on foundational technique, terminology & discipline. The curriculum within this age division includes a focus on mastering skills that create not only a fine technician, but also a beautiful artist. Integral areas of training at this level include:

  • Work in movement quality

  • Finding textures

  • Embodiment of a character 

  • Professional wisdom in making choices while dancing   

Frequency of classes per week as well as effort made in classes becomes more important at this level of training.

Within our Pre-Teen, Teen & Senior age division, there are 3-5 varying levels of classes that allow for growth in skill levels for dancers in these age categories.