Communication Policies


We work very hard to keep you informed by emailing a monthly newsletter and keeping our website up to date. However, it is your responsibility to keep up to date by reading newsletters, e-mails, and checking the website and MDM Facebook page.  All events will also be added to the Studio Calendar that is available on your Parent Portal.


If you have a question about the dance studio, please do not ask instructors during or between classes. The instructors have a very tight schedule and are unable to meet with parents during or between classes because it can use up valuable class time or cause a class to begin late.


Please respect the instructor’s private time by NOT calling, texting, emailing or Facebook messaging them directly about dance related matters.  Instructors are unable to reply to Facebook messages, texts, phone calls or messages regarding dance matters that are sent to their personal accounts and phones.

CONTACT INFORMATION                              

Please direct all inquiries, including notification that a student will miss class, to the contacts below.  Our office staff will ensure that your communication reaches the appropriate person. As a general policy, we make every effort to respond to inquiries within 24 - 72 hours. Please note that inquiries made through the MDM Facebook page are only checked once a day (excluding weekends). Email is the fastest and preferred method of communication.

  • GENERAL EMAIL:                                                           Use this email for general studio inquiries, absence notifications, and inquiries related to class requirements.

  • BUSINESS MANAGER EMAIL:                                       Use this email for all inquiries related to your account, including class adds and drops and enrollment inquiries.

  • OFFICE PHONE: 316 - 337 - 5299 (JAZZ)

  • Company Member Inquiries: Please direct questions to your "Company Lead"


Our instructors maintain a very tight schedule and have limited time for personal appointments. However, we value your satisfaction with our program and take your questions and concerns seriously.  Email is always the fastest method of communication, but if you have a matter that requires a phone or personal appointment with one of our instructors, you may request an appointment online by submitting the form below. You may also request an appointment at the front desk. In general, appointment times are limited to 15-30 minutes.