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Midwest Dance Mechanix was founded in 2010 by Jana & Ryan Owen. Our foundation is rooted in providing the highest quality dance instruction that dancers can take with them as they seek opportunities in the future... opportunities in our community, opportunities in college, and opportunities in the professional dance world.

Midwest Dance Mechanix began as a small, two-room studio in Valley Center, KS and moved to a 4,400 square foot, three-room facility in North Wichita in 2013.  In 2019, due to increased demand, we acquired the building to the west of the existing location and expanded to our current 10,000 square foot, six-room facility.

Even though we have experienced rapid growth over the last 10 years, our foundational training curriculum combined with our experienced and knowledgable staff have allowed our dancers to thrive in their training.

We believe in providing a strong background in a variety of dance styles to produce well-rounded dancers. We also believe that being well trained is more important than being well rehearsed and a foundation of strong technique is at the core of our entire curriculum. Being versatile is important to a dancer as they reach the age to begin choosing how to use their dance training. Whether a dancer is interested in a classical ballet company, a highly-ranked collegiate music theatre program or a collegiate dance team, our program prepares dancers for a variety of career and collegiate paths.

As we look to the future of Midwest Dance Mechanix, we will continue to offer the highest quality dance instruction in the Midwest, emphasizing the importance of work ethic, respect, quality and dedication. These are the values we expect not only from our students, but from our staff as well. We look forward to training the next generation of dancers, performers, artists and fine arts patrons.

See our growth...

Ribbon Cutting in Valley Center
In September 2019, MDM opened its second building after an 8 month warehouse renovation.
Valley Center Studio Lobby
Construction at Wichita Studio
Laying Floors in Wichita Studio
Now Enrolling at New Studio
New Front Desk at Wichita Studio
Building 2 opens in Sept. 2019
Large New Studio in Building 2
Onsite Costume Room in Bldg 2
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