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Midwest Dance Mechanix has an award winning competition team that we call our "Competition Company".  Our Company dancers are a select group of dancers that audition in the summer and train throughout the year in a variety of dance styles.  Company dancers attend various conventions, competitions & master classes throughout the year to further their dance education while experiencing a wide variety of teachers, styles and stage experiences.


Our goal for MDM Company members is not only to hone their technique and understanding of the terminology associated with the art of dance, but to instill vital life skills such as hard work, determination, teamwork and how to work well with others. These lessons are integrated into all that we do, both in the classroom and on the stage.

Providing opportunities for dancers to discover, reach their potential is what being a part of MDM Company is all about.


  1. Learn how to handle both successes and failures; in the studio, on the stage and in LIFE!

  2. Practice what it takes to be successful, both mentally and physically, and broaden the definition of SUCCESS! 

  3. Grow in technique and performance quality while building relationships to last a lifetime!


While the competitions we attend focus on short term rankings, our focus on long-term growth goals and important life skills ensures that dancers leave MDM Company with not only the skills to be successful in the dance world, but in any endeavor that they choose to pursue. And THAT is the first place award we desire for each dancer!

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They Will Roll - Hip Hop Category
Havana - Jazz Category
Your Day Will Come - Contemporary
Rescue - Lyrical Category
7D - Hip Hop Category
Heaven - Lyrical Category
Philadelphia - Open Category
The Deadline - Ballet
Come Alive - Jazz Production
5 Guys Named Mo - Tap Category
The Last Goodbye - Contemporary Category
I Do - Jazz Category
Iron Sky - Contemporary
Sesame Street - Jazz Category
Move a Little Faster - Jazz
hip hop
Little Ladies - Jazz
Space Unicorns - Jazz Category
Havana - Jazz Category
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