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Valley Center High School

December 10th & 11th


Because we begin planning our Holiday Showcase in October, all students who choose not to participate in the Recital MUST submit this form NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 5, 2022.  Please note that students may Opt Out of a single dance or the ENTIRE Recital.  


Submission of this Opt Out by OCTOBER 5, 2022 will ensure that you will not be charged the costume rental & recital fees. Any other form of communication (email, phone call, student verbally talking to a teacher, etc.) IS NOT CONSIDERED AN OFFICIAL OPT OUT and you may still be subject to costume fees.  


SUBMISSION OF THIS FORM IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL WAY TO OPT OUT and ensure that you are not charged Recital fees. 

Thank you for your understanding of this important policy.

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