Dancer Agreement &

Code of Conduct

The guidelines below will allow you to be a successful dance student and participant in the dance classroom.
  • Arrive on time and be prepared to dance.
  • Dress appropriately, following the dress code.
  • No gum or food in the dance studios. You may bring a closed water bottle.
  • Dancers should leave cellphones in their bags in the dressing room and be sure to silence them while in class so no one will be disturbed.
  • If you arrive early, please stretch and warm up to prepare for class.
  • Dancers need to be mindful about how they enter the dance studio. Enter in a manner that is respectful to the studio, the teacher and the other dancers.
  • Dancers should be certain to use the bathroom before class and make an effort not to leave class to use the restroom. If absolutely necessary, the student should wait until the break between the warm-up and center floor work to ask permission to use the bathroom.
  • Be respectful to your teacher, fellow dancers,  and all studio staff members and volunteers. 
  • Respect other dancers. Be aware of your personal space. Refrain from correcting others. (Giving corrections is the teacher's job.)  Keep your thoughts and words positive and uplifting towards others. Unkind behavior towards another dancer will not be tolerated and may result in a staff meeting or class suspension.
  • Be attentive at all times, especially when waiting for your turn.
  • Beware of negative body language (like folded arms) and never sit down unless you are asked to sit. If you are sitting, or sitting out due to an injury, sit tall. Never lie down.
  • Be alert to all corrections give to you and the other students in class.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. During class is not the time to voice your opinion about anything, unless your teacher asks for it. When students criticize and complain during class, it not only disrupts the teachers instruction, it creates an air of negativity which is difficult for the instructor and other students to recover from.
  • Thank your teacher after class. It is a tradition in dance classes to thank your teacher after class for giving you their knowledge and energy. It is a sign of respect and teaches children that dancing is a privilege.
  • REVIEW THE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES and use social media only in a manner that is uplifting, positive and encouraging to both MDM and your fellow dancers.